“If you need sheds, garages, patios, shelters, farm sheds, stables, arena covers, factories, warehouses, or any steel building in QLD and NSW then Oz-Cover can help.”

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Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jack Hunneman, I started this shed and garage business back in 1987 in Jimboomba, South East Qld. No computers and mobile phones back then, can you imagine?

Today at Oz-Cover we use sophisticated in-house software to design and manufacture steel framed buildings under strict control of independent engineers to the latest BCA (Building Codes of Australia) requirements.

This enables us to custom design your Garage, Shed or Industrial Building to your specific needs. You can choose style options like: Gable, Skillion, Curved or Domed Roof, Oz-Barn and Quaker Barn. These all come with detail options like: Variable Width, Length and Roof Pitch, Vertical wall Cladding or Horizontal wall Cladding in Colorbond® or Zincalume®, Roof Insulation, Turbo Ventilators, Eaves, Roller Doors, Gutter water Filters, Glass Doors and Windows… and more.

As Australia has many different climates and wind regions it is important that all sheds (buildings) are designed to withstand the local area Wind Load and Snow Load (if applicable). For this reason Oz-Cover joined the Australian Steel Institute and their ShedSafe® accreditation scheme. You can be sure that when you purchase an Oz-Cover Shed or Garage it will be designed to protect your contents for the long term. Not only is this peace of mind for you, the ShedSafe® Accreditation makes it easier to insure your asset. What is Shed Safe

At Oz-Cover you will receive a High Quality Shed or Garage designed to your requirements, budget and region. You can further benefit from our dedicated services such as: Project Design, Council Approvals and Construction Service. If you think of an option not listed above or require a budget for your project don’t despair, just send me a note and our team can help. logo

Thank you for your time,

Jack Hunneman (Director)

P.S. Did you know?

The terms “Sheds” and “Garages” have the same meaning, used by different folk.

City and Suburban dwellers mainly use the term Garage for any building in their backyard, with the exception of the Garden Shed (small storage shed).

Rural folk mostly call every outbuilding a Shed, such as the Machinery, Hay, Cow or Shearing Shed, etc. We refer to these generally as Rural or Farm Sheds.

"Important! Be sure your new building will be Shed Safe"
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Oz-Cover will assist you every step of the way with the planning and preparation ensuring all building and council requirements have been met. You will be provided with:
  • Options from a large range of standardised and customised designs
  • Information regarding council requirements
  • Preliminary budget costings
  • At your request, written quotation complete with sketch plan

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Before you consider building - there are some things to consider. What are the:

  • Needs of your building for present use?
  • Needs for future use?
  • Needs for functionality?
  • Needs for Aesthetics?
  • Needs for Return Value on Investment?
  • Need help?